Angela Stelljes


With 15+ years of working with clients and patients, I have blended all of my massage therapy and body knowledge into a whole-body approach to health. 

My original desire to provide deep pressure/deep tissue massage and structurally work out postural dysfunction shifted after my awareness and education in light-touch therapy. The outcomes of light touch therapy can be profound. I now provide blended therapeutic massage sessions. 

And with the gut-brain connection affecting our levels of pain, many of my sessions incorporate abdominal massage and/or cranial therapy. 

Our bodies are 360 degrees. 

360 Wellness LLC

You can read my clients thoughts of our work together and consider the possibilities of bodywork therapy.

Angela's massage (and craniosacral therapy) are so relaxing and therapeutic. My headaches always get better after seeing her and I often fall asleep during them. I am thankful for her extensive knowledge of the body and the varied tools she has to help the body heal and release tension. Because of this, I refer my clients to her often. -Dr. T.R.

Angela is amazing! She offers the perfect amount of pressure and transitions really well. She's also kind, but doesn't talk nonstop. The perfect amount of light chitchat for the first few minutes and then silent relaxation. She does CST which has been amazing on my TMJ. I've done PT, a dental splint, and chiropractic, but the cst and massage she gives offers the best TMJ relief that I've found. I'm really impressed with her! - H.B.

Angela is by far the most effective massage therapist I have seen in the past 25 years. She is extremely knowledgeable. She has the ability of a gentle touch while also giving relief and results. Her expertise has helped me increase mobility and decrease tension and pain. -H.D.

Angela's massage was just the right level of pressure and comfort, and had very smooth transitions. She was discreet, communicative and knowledgeable about prenatal care. It was the best hour I have had in awhile! -A.C.

When I can't sleep at night, I imagine your hands giving me the back massage and it relaxes me and I fall asleep. -C.C. (80yo woman caring for her husband with Parkinson's)

Massage from you is beneficial because you put the time into your clients. Knowing ahead of time I wouldn't be "fixed" right away, each time I came to see you, I felt different and felt more and more of different parts of my upper back and neck improve. Now after a year, I feel like my muscles respond better to each treatment because they are used to having it done. You offer so many different techniques, you could help so many people with different ailments, not just back/neck pain. And massage therapy isn't just about pain anymore, it's about overall health and improving all parts so the body can work together as a whole in harmony. -K.K

  Massage played a major role in assisting me in progressing further and recovering faster as I trained (amateur cycling).  If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would do this weekly, I would have laughed.  Now, I can imagine a number of other things I would give up before I would give this up.  Massage therapy really has helped me learn to listen to my body, improve my flexibility and to truly just take a brief period of time on a regular basis to let go of the stress that I collect in my normal life.  I firmly believe that I am healthier, happier and more productive as a result. I think to me the key thing about massage is not accepting "just getting old" as a reason for discomfort in your daily life.  Massage isn't all about hardcore painful manipulation.  In fact, some of my biggest breakthroughs have come from some of the lightest types of therapy.  Massage cannot necessarily cure everything, but I believe that for me a lot of my back, shoulder and leg discomfort was very much treatable.  I was a skeptic.  I just about didn't go when my doctor recommended it, but decided I would at least try it. After the first time, I could see some benefit and thought maybe to try a few more. By my 5th or 6th visit, I was hooked.  I started to understand more about how my body flowed, what was affecting it negatively and ways in which massage could help me with those things.  I believe at times it is way to easy to look for a pill to "fix" things or just "take it easy", but what I have really learned is that massage is not just about about relaxing pampering, it can truly be therapy, just like many other type of physical, occupational, or drug therapies.  It can also make a big difference in your physical and mental well being and (certainly for me) in your athletic performance. -B.H.